“Zero waste” goals

Contrary to popular belief, clean has no smell!

If the laundry smells good, it is because the products used contain synthetic perfumes. On the terraces, our homemade washing powder is made up largely of Marseille soap and cleans all our clothes.

For the floors, we use black soap.

Our scouring cream, made from white fuller's earth purchased less than 20 km from the house, degreases kitchens and sanitizes bathrooms.

For washing up, whether by hand or in the dishwasher, we have not yet achieved a result that satisfies us. We therefore suggest that you use products from manufacturers that we have carefully selected for their ecological qualities and their effectiveness.

All of these products are available for daily use. We also offer you to test washable and reusable sponges and coffee filters. In addition to the sponges, for very dirty dishes, we offer you ecological brushes.

As a finishing touch, you will find recycled microfleece make-up removal pads in your bathroom. Super soft and less absorbent than cotton or bamboo, they save on milk and other lotions.

We'll be delighted to see you use all these products... and adopt them!