Our favourites

It's not easy to choose!

A chance meeting, an atmosphere, an experience. It's at least one good reason to want to come back. An eclectic and totally subjective list of places that we like, and especially that we like to share.

All the Cévennes in one basket

Les Halles de l'Abbaye

In the heart of Alès, a building with a sixties look welcomes all the regional producers: butchers, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, scalers, winegrowers and of course greengrocers... make your mouth water and awaken all your senses.

You can fill your basket or, if you can't wait, sit down to taste some of the Cévennes' unmissable specialities.

14 rue de la République - 30100 Alès - +33 (0)4 66 91 01 24 - ½ hour drive
Monday to Saturday: 7am to 2pm

The star park

The largest International Dark Sky Reserve in Europe

Here, you have the right to be in the moon!

Those who have both feet firmly planted on the ground will only have to look up and reach out to feel like they are touching the stars.

In 2018, the National Park received the prestigious label of International Dark Sky Reserve (RICE) which recognises the exceptional quality of the Cévennes sky. The Milky Way, the stars and the constellations can be admired with the naked eye, a privilege made impossible for more than a third of the world's population due to excessive artificial lighting.

L’Étoile cévenole – Astronomy School of Alès – +33 (0)6 95 12 06 34 - letoile.cevenole.ales@gmail.com - etoile-cevenole.fr

Master jeans tailor from father to son

Atelier Tuffery

We arrived in Florac by chance during our Cevennes drifts, when we were looking to settle in the region. After a coffee on the terrace to enjoy the local atmosphere, we naturally, almost instinctively, headed for the Tuffery workshop, as if we were drawn to this company whose values we share.

The Tuffery workshop is the story of four generations of master cutters, which began at the end of the 19th century. At that time, Célestin wanted to create a work garment for the workers who were building the railway. He bought 100% cotton fabric in Nîmes, dyed it with indigo and made trousers with a reputation for being functional and robust, which gave rise to the French jean. His son Alphonse understood the potential of Nîmes fabric, which would become denim, and made Tuffery the oldest jeans factory in France.

Today, Julien, Célestin's great-grandson, and his wife Myriam have turned the family business into a company that honours French know-how and respects the requirements of ecological, sustainable, socially and humanly responsible production.

We love it and we recommend without hesitation a visit to the Tuffery workshop!

Atelier Tuffery – ZA Saint Julien du Gourg – Florac – +33 (0)4 66 45 00 94

The Cévennes are a treasure island

The Stevenson Trail

On 22 September 1878, the young Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson set off on foot from Monastier-sur-Gazeille with the donkey Modestine to arrive in Saint-Jean-du-Gard 12 days and 220 kilometres later. He will have linked the Haute-Loire to the Gard via the Ardèche and Lozère.

Because his writings touch us, we suggest you, if you haven't already done so, to discover his diary, published the year after his journey.

To follow in his footsteps, you can contact the association Sur le chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson, founded in 1994.

A journal to discover, hikes to go on, walks with a donkey...

Association Sur le chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson - Le village - 48220 Le-Pont-de-Montvert - +33 (0)4 66 45 86 31 - www.chemin-stevenson.org